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Career Choices: Modelling

Posted by on Sep 12, 2016 in Organize Your Event | Comments Off on Career Choices: Modelling

Making that leap into modelling is a big one and luckily, most models have the legs for such a leap. Deciding to be a model is not easy and as well as having a ‘look’, you have to choose initially the type of modelling you want to do. This covers a broad range of types such as print modelling which is billboards and magazines and the ever elusive runway modelling. The top of the shop models walk the runway with the clothes that eccentric designers make for them to wear and you can make your dreams of being one of those models a reality if you know the right people and have the correct look. Modelling isn’t about just having a pretty face and having the height of a baby giraffe, it’s about uniqueness, talent and a drive to back up those looks. People think that models are just clothes hangers for designers and in some cases it’s correct, especially with couture fashion modelling but for the most part that is just not true!

Models are far more than walking coat hangers but to be absolutely safe, you definitely need to make sure you have a backup and use that brain you’ve got in your head to make it big. Finding the right agency as a model is also not easy as you want to use an agency that specialises in the right field so whether you choose to model and sign with promotional staffing agencies in London or go for agencies like Elite Model Management you need to make sure you make smart choices. Never go with an agency that asks you to pay them a fee as you will be allowing them to take advantage of you – no agency charges a model to work for them, they pay the model. When an agency want to interview you it’s for you to interview them just as much as them to interview you.

If you are lucky enough to get signed really think ahead. Have a part time job to keep funds flowing until work as a model becomes more regular. Most models get by this way as while it is nice to have a dream job, bills still have to be paid. Dreams don’t pay for themselves! If you manage to climb to the top and make it as a top model you will be able to transform your modelling into a lucrative business and branch out into your own clothing line, perfume and lingerie. Toughen your skin – not literally, no company want to hire a crocodile – as rejection is commonplace in the modelling world. That doesn’t mean your look is wrong it just may not be right for that particular designer and that’s  okay! Always ask for feedback and work on what you can, aim elsewhere for what you cannot.

When you go for a photoshoot to start your portfolio, don’t make yourself up in the way you think a model should look as agencies will need to see your bare face – including any blemishes – to decide if your look is right for their agency. Take your photos in natural light and wear simple figure showing items like a simple vest top and leggings or jeans. Sometimes agencies offer open calls and when you attend these you need to bring digital photos or past professional work with you when you go.

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Finding the right wedding planner for your perfect weddings

Posted by on Sep 6, 2016 in Organize Your Event | Comments Off on Finding the right wedding planner for your perfect weddings

Weddings are big events that require tiresome preparations from conceptualization and implementation of plans. You will need an extra-hand like Wedding Organisers for the job that specializes in weddings to make sure everything is prepared. Here are some helpful tips when finding one:

  • Make sure that you do your homework when searching for prospective wedding planners. You may look for some candidates that you think could make your dream wedding a reality. Try to browse their websites and look for photos of their previous activities. Check out the style of the weddings, the dress and suits their clients wore, and the overall look of the event. If you think that they got what it takes then include them in your list. At least look for a few candidates before making up your mind.
  • Ask for references from your friends as they may be able to give you reliable event organizers in your area. You might want to ask the ones who have worked with a wedding planner and try to discuss about their experiences. Ask for at least three referrals from somebody you know and include their names in your list. Ask if they have contact information about their previous wedding planners and if they can be easily reached. Reliable organizers usually reply to inquiries promptly.
  • Hold a short separate meeting with each candidate. You may visit their physical center or meet somewhere near your place. It is important that you know personally whom you are dealing with. During the meeting try to discuss all the details and everything that you require for the event. Great wedding planners should know how to listen to clients and share some of their experiences. Others would even provide practical advices that will help you achieve your dream wedding.
  • Present some of the clippings that you have researched to your potential planners. Ask them what they think about the idea and observe a friendly discussion. Lengthen your discussion and get to know each other for a couple of minutes. You do not just want a professional organizer, but as much as possible try to look for the ones whom you can work with. A great organizer should be able to present him or her comfortable with their clients.
  • Try to discuss about financial matters for the wedding. Ask if he or she can make other arrangements without paying a huge amount of money. Wedding planners that have a quite number of experiences in wedding preparations should already have established a network. Thus, he or she should already know where and how to make the most out from the budget. Great organizers know how to make your budget doable. Ask your prospective planner if he or she knows somebody who provides great service for the wedding that does not cost much.

Seal the deal with your prospective planner. During the preparation period, make sure to trust him or her to the job so he or she can be more fluid and effective while doing the job.

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Wedding Dress: The Traditional or the Modern One?

Posted by on Sep 6, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Wedding Dress: The Traditional or the Modern One?

For a woman, wearing a wedding dress is a dream come true. Though it is going to be expensive, they look forward to wearing a wedding dress of their choice. They plan and save money so they can buy the wedding dress on the time that they need it already for their wedding. Most women are really dreaming of wearing wedding dress on their wonderful wedding day. There are different traditions being followed on what to wear on the wedding day. There are countries that have their own traditions when it comes to wedding ceremonies especially for women who need to wear the right traditional wedding dress.

In China, Vietnam, India, and Pakistan, they choose to wear a wedding dress that is colored red. That is because red is the traditional color of good luck. The red wedding sari is the traditional garment for the brides in India. The sari fabric is their traditional silk. But then, as time goes on, the color options and the fabric choices of the Indian brides are expanding. There are now different fabrics being used such as crepe, satin, and charmeuse. Colors of choice now are pink, gold, orange, brown, yellow, and maroon.

If you are in different parts of the world, there are also different beliefs that are followed when it comes to a wedding dress. But the color of the usual wedding dress that is being worn by the brides-to-be is white. This is because of the purity of the woman that is getting married. If you are in Glasgow in the United Kingdom, you can do wedding dress shopping in Glasgow. You can choose among the simplest and the most elegant wedding dresses that can be the one you are looking for. It is exciting to do bridal shopping in Glasgow, however, can be confusing as well because of hundreds of options you may have.

Aside from the traditional wedding dresses, there are now modern wedding dresses that can be chosen by the bride. The bride can choose sleeveless and long wedding dress or with sleeves and laces that will make a woman look more fabulous. But whatever wedding dress that they choose, for as long as it is their choice for their wedding event, they can definitely have a wonderful wedding day. As long as the bride-to-be is comfortably wearing their chosen wedding dress, that is the most important thing to happen.

Choosing the right wedding dress, traditionally or the modern one, the most important thing is the wedding day event. Everything should be organized and the wedding dress should be the most elegant in the eyes of the bride and her groom. So whether it is expensive or not, it should be the best that you deserve. Different traditions are followed in wearing wedding dress especially in different countries of the world. Following those traditions are important so they can have a good marriage until the end. The wedding is truly exciting and for women wearing a wedding dress is a dream that came true.

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Guidelines for DIY Wedding Planning

Posted by on Sep 6, 2016 in Wedding Marquee | Comments Off on Guidelines for DIY Wedding Planning

Though there are wedding planning companies in Surrey that you can hire to plan the wedding for your love one, you can be a wedding planner yourself. Being a wedding planner is something that you can set as your job, and as a practice, you can plan a wedding for your love one or friends. Though you are not taking any short course or training to become a wedding planner, you can take over the wedding plans, so the couple can lessen their worries. You can discuss with them about their plans and anything that they want to happen on their wedding.

There are wedding planning companies London that can plan everything for the couple’s wedding. However, if you prefer planning the wedding for your love one then it is something that you should prepare as early as possible. You should be active on whatever the plan should be for the wedding. You have to actively discuss with the couple about the first things that need to be done.

Just for example is the main thing that you need to think of is the budget for the wedding. There must be a checklist of the must-do on the wedding and their estimated cost. During the planning, it should be already discussed so that there will be no surprises on the ongoing plan. The venue of the wedding and reception can be one of the things that should be prioritized once the budget has been set. Next to it is the wedding date. In choosing the wedding date it would be great if you choose the one that is what they call off-peak. During off-peak times the expense for the wedding would be lessened.

After those important things that have been completed, as a wedding planner you should be taking initiative as well about the theme of the wedding. Since you prioritized the venue, the theme of the wedding should be depending on what venue that the couple has chosen. If the garden is the venue for the wedding and reception, the bride can wear wedding gown and suit for the groom. The bridesmaids and groomsmen should be ready as well with the theme that has been chosen.

The other guests that should be invited are the closest to the couple. As a wedding planner, you must have a set up of where each guest or group of guests will be seated at the reception. It can be based on how they are related to the couple. You can make it just a minimal addition to your job.

There are still many other things that need to be completed on wedding planning. Food catering is also important because this is how the celebration of the wedding is going to be shared. Choosing food catering might be tough as well but there are so many out there that can offer competitive prices that can serve delicious food. Most of all, though it is not your job you can urge the couple to choose and get ready with their wedding ring that can be one of the highlights of their wedding. Surely, in the end, everything is going to be right for your friend or love one’s wedding.

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Services Offered by Pet Sitting Companies

Posted by on Sep 3, 2016 in Pet Sitting, Wedding Marquee | Comments Off on Services Offered by Pet Sitting Companies

Most of the times when you hear about pet sitting services you think that it is always only taking your dog for a walk. What you think is true because there are times that the dog or pet owners are elders that they cannot take responsibility anymore to take their dog for a walk. They would be asking the help of the pet sitters to do it for them then just pay for the hour or so of their service. That is the common service of the pet sitting services. However there are still other services that can be offered by pet sitting services.

Here are the services offered:

Since the pet sitter will go to your house to take care of your pet, if it is a dog or a cat they can give them food and also water daily.

The pet sitter can also manage the medications of your pets when needed. You just need to let the pet sitter know about it.

Groomers working at grooming salon

They can also love and give proper attention to your pets. Pet sitters are treating your pets just like their own.

They can provide love and also attention to your pets. The pet sitters are experts on this; they can give their love to your pets as their own.

Basic grooming and bathing is another service they can provide for your dog or cat pets.

The pet sitters can also clean up the walkways or yards after the dog was there and played.

There are pet sitters that can offer overnight service in case that you need to go out the whole day.

You can hire the pet sitter to have your pet exercise in daily basis.

The pet sitter may also fix the pet’s surroundings.

Groomer with a dog

The other services that they can offer are newspaper or mail pick up, watering of your plants in the garden indoor or outdoor; they can also leave the lights on to your house to avoid any possible criminals or security check up, places recycle bins in order, will check on your swimming pools and many other home tasks.

There is pet sitter in essex that you can hire if you are within the area. It is good thing so you do not need to worry if you need to do things at work that you cannot have time for your pets. The pet sitter can do the tasks for you so your pets can still have the same care that they should have. There are pet sitters broxbourne as well if in case you are in that area.

It is important for the pets to be loved because they can also feel being alone sometimes when they are not getting the attention they need. They will feel lonely as well if they will be left alone in the house. So it is good thing that there are pet sitting services that you can depend on in the kind of situation that you need to leave your house and there is no one to see it and your pets.

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How Brides Prepare For A Wedding?

Posted by on Sep 3, 2016 in Wedding Marquee | Comments Off on How Brides Prepare For A Wedding?

Getting married is a wonderful decision. However, being a bride is no easy task. Before she gets her perfect wedding day, she needs to prepare for it. She would need as much support that she can get. Some brides tend to be so worked up that it eventually drains them. Here’s how to prepare for a wedding.

Calling people

Once a date is set on her wedding day, the bride starts calling people. She will call everyone dear to her.  She will call her best friend and a long talk starts. The list of people she needs to contact to let them know about the wedding is endless. She will ask suggestions from every friend who got married. The talk with her parents and family will become the most meaningful.  She could be teary-eyed while speaking with her family on the phone.

Do things they want

The idea of getting married soon gives fuel to a long time dreams that need to be fulfilled. Once she gets married, she knows she won’t be able to fulfill them anymore. Making a family of her own would be her sole focus. She will take the vacation she has been planning for a long time. She will do the things she enjoys the most while she is single. She will spend most of her time going out with her friends. Getting married will take away time you spend with your friends and will be spent with your husband.

Group of young people jumping

Spending time with family

Preparing for a wedding also prepares you to be a part of your fiancé’s family. You will need to get to know your fiancé’s family. You will spend time with them. Then, your own parents would also want to spend time with you. They want to spend time with their princess before she becomes a queen of her own household. Balancing your time is important to spending time with two families at the same time.

Looking for the best dress

Looking for the best dress is the most important preparation a bride does. The dress will be the main attraction in a wedding. She will spend hours researching online for the best dress. She needs to check wedding dress stores London to find the best dress. The best dress needs to match her personality. She needs to be fitted for it.

Overseeing wedding preparations

Overseeing the wedding preparations is the bride’s task. Her fiancé would usually just agree what she likes. She needs to choose the location. The wedding theme should be followed. She gets in touch with her wedding planner to inform what flowers she would like on her bouquet and decorations. She makes sure that all invitations are sent on time.

chair set for wedding or another catered event

Preparing for a wedding requires the bride to oversee everything. She will be calling people that will be involved in the wedding. She will take the time to do things she wants. She will spend time with family. She will be looking for the best dress for her wedding.


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Things to Consider in Renting Marquees

Posted by on Aug 19, 2016 in Marquees | Comments Off on Things to Consider in Renting Marquees


When renting marquees you need to consider some things that can contribute to the arrangement of your event. Those things that you need to consider are important because not knowing them can make you struggle on the day of your event. So planning it ahead of time is truly significant. Make a checklist and make sure that you include there the things that you need to consider in renting marquee.

Here are the things you need to consider in renting marquees:


This is the first thing that you need to consider for your event when renting marquee. You need to identify the size of the marquee that is necessary for the event. You can rent one large marquee or small marquees depending on who will be attending your event or what will be its setup. After that you have identified the size of the marquee that you will be renting, you need to set up the arrangement of the chairs and or tables that you need to add there.


The best way to set up the marquee is on a level ground. So it is important that you will position the marquee on a place that is on a level ground and then with some space that can still be used for outdoor activities that you will be adding to the event. This is important so everyone can enjoy the event without any hassle on the setup of the marquee.


Power connections

Absolutely power connection is another thing that you need to consider. If you think that since marquee is what you are using, you will not need any power connection anymore. That is not true you still need power connection most especially if you need to connect audio and projectors for your audio video presentation. You may need power connection to any appliance that you may be using inside the marquee. There are rental marquees in Essex that have power connections that they cover.

Weather condition

This is something that needs to be considered as well, the weather condition. When you are going to organize an event, it is recommended to rent marquee during good weather condition, time it on a summer season. It is going to be enjoyable if the event with marquee is during summer season. Everyone will appreciate how good it is to attend an event with a marquee because of a comfortable feeling during the event.

Those were the things that you need to consider in renting marquees. You need to make sure that you think about it over and over so you can choose the correct marquee on the place where you need to organize the event. Mostly the marquees are in white color, but you can design it with what you have as decoration for your event. The good thing with marquee that you can rent is you can absolutely place decorations that are intended for the event you are organizing. It is going to be a successful event that you will not regret.

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