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Training as a Wedding Planner

Posted by on Mar 22, 2017 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Training as a Wedding Planner

Successful wedding planners are drawn to the role because of the fast pace and the beauty of seeing through an event from start to end. They are usually organised and excited by events and the success that comes with seeing different components of one huge party come together. They are driven by their passion for what they do not just finances and it’s rare to become financially wealthy through a career in wedding planning. It takes years of hard work to build the kind of reputation that pulls in the big money. The good news is that once your reputation is built, the rewards of your hard work will be reaped for years to come. Every month Google shows thousands of searches on how to become a wedding planner. Did you know that many colleges now offer courses and certificates and even degree programmes in events to keep up with the demand for a professional wedding planners in Cheshire?

If you are thinking about a career as a wedding planner and event planner, there are a good few things that you should really consider before you go ahead with your career choices. You need to ask yourself whether you have the time for wedding and event planning, as a lot of the work is done on the weekends and in the evenings to meet with clients and coordinate the event. The demand is very high during unsociable hours and you as the event planner will have to be okay with this. Your clients will likely work the standard nine to five day but you definitely won’t. You will need to decide whether wedding planning can fit you and your lifestyle and most weddings take place on Saturdays and so can really keep you busy when your friends and family will be planning their own relaxing days out. On a positive note here a lot of wedding planners can take a day or two off during the week to relax and regroup. You’d need to ensure your comfort with this kind of work schedule.

There are certain months of the year that wedding planners are extremely busy and you can expect to be very busy with weddings during the summer months especially. The scheduling and emotional aspects of wedding planning are the least of it as you will be working very hard physically. Lots of fetching and carrying is involved with the role as well as being a shoulder to lean on for brides, grooms and even sometimes their families as they rely on you as a planner to be the voice of calm and reason. You’ll need to consider your qualifications as apart from what is required to own a business where you live, there are no real required certifications. If you ask ten successful wedding planners how they got started, you will get ten completely different answers and to evaluate the best way for you to get started, consider the experience you have.

This could be planning at your current job, planning church events or just general party planning. Business marketing experience can really do you some favours as well and you can take a good inventory of the experiences you have and use them to your advantage.


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Choosing the Right Wedding Dress Style

Posted by on Mar 16, 2017 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Choosing the Right Wedding Dress Style

There’s nothing like wedding dress shopping and sometimes that’s not always for fun. We won’t lie to you, it’s a stressful business finding the wedding dress of your dreams for the biggest day of your life. There’s a lot of things you should ask yourself before you go wedding dress shopping and sometimes those questions can be more stressful than anything. Never fear though: the right bridal boutique will be able to help you with their designers from Vera Wang to a good caroline castigliano dress fitting. Choosing everything from your wedding dress length to whether to have a train on your dress is hard: a wide range of choices means a lot of confusion! If you want a train, long is the obvious answer and shorter dresses tend to suit to more petite and in some cases, more mature bride. What style of skirt do you prefer? Wedding dress shapes are so hard to choose from but such a fun choice to make! If you want trumpet, flare, ball gown, straight/column, a line or mermaid, there are a lot of choices ahead of you!


Deciding which back style you want should be measured up to the type of person you are. Knowing what style of back design will flatter your shape isn’t easy but that’s the whole point of bridesmaids, right? What style of sleeves – if any – do you see yourself having? What waistline suits you best? The weather, the location of your wedding and together with your body shape and personal style must agree to all these choices. It’s a lot isn’t it!? You may find yourself going against the traditional range in favour of a shorter swing dress and tea length dresses are very fashionable as the length is elegant and sexy offering you the much needed ease and flexibility of movement on your big day. Having a flick through the racks to know what sort of dress will suit you is so important. If you’re looking for beautiful then trying caroline castigliano wedding gown fitting is the way to go.

Longer skirt wedding dresses are also recommended for brides who want to emphasise their bust area and hide the lower part of the body. With your body shape in mind you may choose from the following types of wedding dress long length skirts: ball gown, straight or column, sheath, a line, flared, trumpet or mermaid skirt. A wedding dress with a train, short or long, is grand and dreamy. Just like the fairy tale wedding dresses we’ve watched in Walt Disney animations or seen royalty marry in to their princes and kings in their royal wedding dresses. Even if you choose a short length wedding dress, no one can stop you from adding a tasteful and elegant train to the back to walk down the aisle with. Of course, you may opt for a bridal veil train rather than a dress train, either way you can make a stunning choice.

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Getting acquainted with positive effects for party rentals

Posted by on Feb 17, 2017 in Party | Comments Off on Getting acquainted with positive effects for party rentals

When there are plenty of advantages to having a one on one store that contains party supplies such as tents for example, if you are throwing a party or any type of event that is coming along your way then as expected, you really have to deal with a lot of decision making such as like the location, food and other concerns. Plus, since there are plenty of things to deal that includes the crowd control then the weather too which you do not have the power to do so, especially if you plan your event to be held outdoors. Yes, there are so many things to think about that relies on every decision you make which is why you need a guide or most likely an assistance just for making each single step, especially when it comes to party supplies or rentals. You can search for samples for your party supplies such as at wild west parties if you are thinking of having a western themed event for that matter.  However, below are some of the benefits when it comes to party rentals.

  • Mainly, it rescues your time. Yes, it saves from ruining your schedule on focusing other things to do. Having more time to be saved including the gas from your car since it can avoid you from driving from one store to another just to fulfill your party requirements. There also comes an advantage wherein party rentals can really provide everything towards your party supplies that involves the set up to the ground rentals. The best part for this is, it is intact in a single location.
  • Next, it does not eat up your cash. Of course, you can gain discounts together with the complete orders which can surely save from too many expenses, especially when you tend to order few or more products. It does not only have the advantage of saving money through renting; you do not have to worry about where to store them or dispose them out from your sight after the event.
  • Furthermore, you should really fish out some useful advice when it comes to proper services. When you go out shopping for supplies, always remember to seek help from event planners themselves because they can give you helpful tips. Moreover, they can even provide you tons of ideas which can make your event more successful! There are party services which contain professional staffs which can really accommodate your party needs such as tent installations for example and always make sure that they are right on time during the event set up. There are even those who take responsibility in cleaning everything up after the event wherein you do not need to stress out too much.

Lastly, when it comes to party rentals, there are those who also offer portable urinating trailers. Be sure that you can actually receive all the things you need at once.  Nothing beats having a successful event if you are actually hiring the best services in town. Make sure to choose your party rentals or organizers wisely.

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What does the vintage bridal headpiece mean for brides, grooms and the bride’s parents

Posted by on Feb 17, 2017 in Wedding Marquee | Comments Off on What does the vintage bridal headpiece mean for brides, grooms and the bride’s parents

Have you ever been to a wedding? Have you seen the head piece of the bride? Are you planning to get married and have a head piece? Because if you are, then you should understand that the vintage bridal headpiece is more than just an item you would wear on top of your head. It would mean different things to the bride, to the groom and even to the parents of the bride. Even the vintage wedding hair clips would have their special meaning because it is a special day and whatever the bride would wear would have a meaning to her.

The vintage bridal headpiece is something that you would see a bride would wear on her head. No one can just wear it because it is exclusively for the bride. In a normal view, you would think of it like any other accessory you wear on your head, but for a bride, it is the crown she has been dreaming of since she was still a child. You see before a bride came to be there was a time where she pretended to be a princess wearing her crown. As time pass by that crown turn into the vintage bridal headpiece that you see today.

The vintage bridal headpiece isn’t only a precious ornament for the bride to wear because it is also a way for the groom to see his princess turn into his queen.  After all, since the vintage bridal headpiece is exclusively for the bride, the groom would immediately know which one is his bride or that it will help him know that his bride is coming. This would also show to the groom that his bride would become his wife after a few minutes, and she wouldn’t be a princess anymore but his queen and that the headpiece symbolize she is ready to be the queen of his life.

For the parents of the bride, the vintage bridal headpiece would symbolize that the child that they once took care of many years ago has to turn into a fine woman ready to take on a new chapter of her life. You see when a bride wears her vintage bridal headpiece it can be very hard for the parents because seeing their baby turn into a woman after a blink of an eye can give them mix feelings. The vintage bridal headpiece would also mean that the bride is ready to become a parent in her rights.

It only comes to show that a vintage bridal headpiece isn’t some item a bride would just wear because it has a deeper meaning than that. It can hold a special meaning to the bride, the groom and even to the bride’s parents. That is why is you are ever looking for the right vintage bridal headpiece then you should go and visit the bridal headpieces in the uk because they would have a lot to offer. After all, the vintage bridal headpiece is more than just a headpiece. It is the crown worn by the bride of the evening.

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Five benefits of having security guards

Posted by on Feb 17, 2017 in Tips | Comments Off on Five benefits of having security guards

Have you ever thought about the benefits that you get when you have a security guard? If you haven’t then you should know why because by knowing the benefits of having a security guard it will help you appreciate about why you should hire them. You might think that it wouldn’t be necessary, and all you are getting from them is having another reason to use up your money, but you are wrong. What you are about to read will be something that you will be glad you did because it will help you understand the benefits of having a security guard.

  1. There will be people who will deal with any surprise attack to you or your family. This way as well you can enjoy your day without having to worry about anything. You have your security guards to deal with rest, after all, so all you need to do is enjoy yourself and your time with your family.
  2. Your home or even your business would be safe while you and your family are out or when your employees are busy taking care of the customers. This way as well if ever there are thieves in your business they would be the first one to approach them and they do know how to handle if things would turn bad.
  3. No one would be able to just come near you because you have security guards for them to deal first. This way as well because of them, you will be able to go on with your day without having to deal with anything. A security guard will prioritize you first before anything because you are the one that needs to be protected all the time.
  4. You would have to check other people if they have any weapons or if they are planning something bad towards you. Because security guards would know where to check if ever weapons are placed in the body and they would know how to check bags properly for any weapons. You will be in good care with them.
  5. Another thing that you will enjoy with the security guards is that they would take shifts protecting you so that would mean that there will be someone to check up on you and your family always. This way you wouldn’t have to worry even for a second because there will be security guards always to protect you and your family.

With these benefits, do you think it isn’t a good idea to have security guards? That is why considering to get London security guard businesses you should already know the reason for hiring them and the benefits it will give to you. This way, if you have a business, you would have someone to protect your employees and your business from bad people. The money that you used to hire them would be very worth it because you have the confidence that someone will always make sure that your family and business will be safe.

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How To Keep Yourself Safe On A Sandy Beach

Posted by on Jan 30, 2017 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How To Keep Yourself Safe On A Sandy Beach

There are many ways you can keep yourself and your family safe on a sandy beach and one of the biggest is being aware of all the safety procedures around you. If you are on holiday in the Virgin Islands and staying at a local St Johns virgin islands bed and breakfast you should make sure you are aware of your surroundings before you find yourself one of those having a bit of a sinking feeling

  1. Obey the Lifeguard: Lifeguards are the first line of defense for the safety of people on beaches – so listen to them. It seems obvious but every year lifeguards rescue people and provide first aid to people who simply did not listen. A lifeguards aim is not to prevent people having fun, but to protect people from any dangerous situations before they happen. Don’t be afraid to talk to a lifeguard either. If you have any questions about swimming in the sea or anything else, the lifeguards are there to help.
  2. Know when Lifeguards are on duty: Beach Lifeguards across the country will be resuming their duties this summer for the bathing season.
  3. Get familiar with the Beach Lifeguard Flag System: The Beach Lifeguard Flag System is important for water safety at the beach as it indicates where and when to swim and when not to.
  • A Red-over-Yellow Flag above or near the Lifeguard station means that it is safe to swim and Lifeguards are on duty;
  • A Red Flag means “Danger! No Swimming”;
  • The area between two Red-over-Yellow flags on the beach indicate the swimming zone or the safest place to swim
  1. Watch out for rip currents: Rip currents can sweep even the strongest swimmers out to sea. They have measured speeds of up to 8km/h. A rip current can be identified by a channel of choppy water, an area having a notable difference in water colour or a break in the incoming wave pattern. If you find yourself caught in a rip current it is important to remain calm to conserve energy and think clearly. Don’t fight the current. Swim diagonally out of the current and then into shore. If you can’t escape a rip current face the shore and draw attention to yourself by waving your arms and calling for help. If you see someone in the water in distress, alert a lifeguard or call the Coast Guard.
  2. Be aware of the hazards: People should always be aware of the hazards at a beach both on shore and in the sea. On the shore, shifting sands and uneven ground of sand dunes can also pose a threat to people’s safety. Sand dunes have been known to collapse either with people on or beneath them. This can cause them to become trapped. At sea and on shore rocks and holes can cause injury. If people fall into a man made hole which is unnoticed or hit a rock buried in the sand it can cause serious injury. If you or someone you know injury yourself on the beach, always alert the lifeguard. Remember, lifeguards are trained in first aid.
  3. Respect your surroundings: While a trip to the beach should be a fun day out, it is important to have a respectful attitude towards water safety. Be careful when rock climbing or cliff diving. Both these activities can have tragic consequences and lifeguards advise against taking part in them. Cliff diving is particularly dangerous as you may not know the depth of the water underneath you. Man made structures such as walls and piers can also be dangerous. Seawater and seaweed make these surfaces slippery and people can fall if not careful.
  4. Inflatables, blow up beds and rings: Lifeguards would advise never to use inflatables in open water. The June Bank Holiday weekend sees a full moon on June 2nd, which will create a higher risk due to stronger tides. Inflatables pose a great risk of being carried out to sea due to stronger currents or strong off-shore winds which is why lifeguards advise against using them.
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Posted by on Jan 18, 2017 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Your Wedding Dress

If you’re feeling the pressure of choosing your perfect dreamy wedding dress, we’ve put together for you a guide of what to do and what not to do when choosing your dream dress. These tips will go a long way to keeping you calm and focused when choosing a dress off websites like or from bridal shops around the country.

  • Do wear your wedding underwear! If you’re able to, wear the bra and knickers and corset – if you plan to wear one – to your bridal fittings. Obviously this won’t be quite possible if you are browsing online but you can still imagine!
  • Don’t try on too many dresses. We told you in part one to try on as many as you like and this still stands but if you try on dozens of dresses you’ll only end up confusing yourself and getting all flustered when there’s no need.
  • dont forget that all wedding dress and accessory sales are usually final. No pressure right?! It’s a realistic reminder that you should stay serious in your wedding dress search and accessories. Most of those pretty fascinators are not returnable so spend your money on your accessories wisely. Websites online can offer you many choices on the accessories to choose from but try not to get bamboozled by beautiful crystal extras.
  • Don’t freak out about wedding dress sizing. Bridal gowns tend to run two or three sizes larger than your regular size. Once you get your head round that, be realistic. Pay attention to how it looks and not the sizing on the label. Labels are very psychological and if you listen to that you can really upset yourself for no reason.
  • Do ask lots of questions when you are trying your dresses on. You should ask the boutique owner and staff lots of different questions but also yourself. You want the dress you love to make you feel spectacular on your day but also it must be practical for the wedding you’re going to have. Do you feel confident? Do you feel comfortable but beautiful? Can you dance in your dress? Can you sit down? Are you self-conscious about any part of yourself in the dress? All these questions are so important for success on your wedding day. Although a gown may be elegant and breathtakingly beautiful, what good is it if you are trapped mummy-style all night?
  • Don’t feel like you have to bring an ooh-ing and aah-ing audience. We’ve all seen the bridal shops stuffed full of aunties, cousins and the best friends’ sisters’ cousins but it’s not necessary. The only approval you need is yours and maybe your mothers! Don’t feel the pressure to take a gaggle of giggling and emotional women with you who will all likely have different tastes and offer difference advice to give you. You’ll only confuse yourself!
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